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Are you a student and looking for a head shot to go on your resume? Our Student Head Shot package may be just what you're looking for!

It’s a moment in time and it belongs to you.  Whether you’re a film director cutting together your master piece or a performer trying to craft the perfect image for your resume to help get your foot in the door so you can land that dream part, we at Stopped Motion Photography understand that the power of the image is all about the moment it captures.  We also understand that in the blink of an eye, that moment is gone forever.

That’s why, when Stopped Motion Photography is photographing your event, whether it’s for the stage or the silver screen or even just for your memories, we make sure to keep an eye open for the moments as they happen.

For film directors, most festivals require that you provide high quality production still images from your work.  When you consider that a festival like the Sundance Film Festival receives over 5,000 submissions a year, you’d want them to be the best images possible to make the best impression, wouldn’t you?  We think so.

The theater provides a unique experience in that each performance is a gem all to its own, but it's an intangible gem that slips from your grasp.  If you capture a facet of that gem, and hang it in the lobby or display it on your web site, your magic can instill itself into your future audience and when the audience gets excited about the magic, this is better for because of it.

As an actor or actress, your head shot can make or break you when the casting director reviews your resume.  Don't you want to put your best face forward?

Stopped Motion Photography serves the greater Seattle and Portland area, providing production companies with production stills that document, capture, and enhance your project.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you document your production!

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