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At Stopped Motion Photography, we understand that the packages we've come up with may not suit your needs and that's why we've come up with "Your Package", as a way for you to get all of the services you require and get a discount on it as well.
Step 1: Time

Select the amount of time you want for your photo shoot, the unit of time to use, and whether the shoot will be on location (a theater or event hall, for example) or at the studio.
Amount of Time: 

Step 2: Add what you want

Select the item you want to add to your package from the drop list and click on the "Add" button.

Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons that follow the items you add to Your Package to increase or reduce the quanty of that item.  Clicking on the minus (-) button when there is only one of an item will remove it completely from the package. 

Photography Time (1 hours)$65.00
Package Value:  $65.00  
Package Discount:  $13.00
Package Cost:  $52.00

Step 3: Contact and scheduling information

Phone Number: 
Best time to call: 
Shooting Location: (if "on location") 
When should he shoot happen:
Time of Day for the Shoot:

Step 4: Submitting Your Package

You're almost done now.  Click on the button marked "Done" and your package will be sent to us and we'll have someone get back to as fast we can, usually in a day or two at the most.

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